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Commerical Powder Coating


Commercial Powder Coating Inc has served the Northwest for almost two decades and located in Bend Oregon, the heart of Central Oregon. We have the vision to give all customers a quality finish at a fair price while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. These are the keys to a successful coating business and are the driving force of all operations at Commercial Powder Coating, Inc.

Commercial Powder Coating Inc. started with powder coating as the core of the business and has continuously grown to meet our customers’ needs. Our customer base is mostly comprised of commercial customers with the balance being in the custom coatings market.  Commercial Powder Coating Inc. consists of multiple lines in varying configurations to allow diversity with daily needs, realizing how critical our customer service is in maintaining our success and reputation with all customers.

Our facility is over 25,000 sq. ft. and allows us to offer powder coating, sandblasting, stripping, pretreatment, assembly, packaging, and shipping.  Commercial Powder Coating Inc. employs highly skilled and dedicated personnel that strive to keep up with customer needs and requirements. This is why we are confident we can meet all your finishing needs.

Please contact us with details regarding your products or project today.

Royce McWhorter

Owner / Commerical Powder Coating

As the owner of Commercial Powder Coating, I take pride in delivering top-quality coating services to all our clients. I started working in the industry in 2013, and since then I've sharpened my skills and expanded my knowledge in the trade. At Commercial Powder Coating, we use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to ensure that the final product meets our customers' expectations. We're a family-owned business, and we always prioritize providing excellent service on every job.

I am passionate about serving our clients with the best possible powder coating services available. As the owner, I believe that our success is based on the quality of the products we produce to the satisfaction of our customers. In addition, I take pride in being part of our local Central Oregon community, where I live in Redmond, Oregon with my wife Leah and our son Collin. My hobbies include watching baseball and football, playing board games with my family, and rooting for the Chicago Cubs and The Bears! 

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